Our ruggedized low-maintenance shredders guarantee a consistent quality and size of the shredded materials. Depending on the requirement, we have a variety of shredding machines in the product range. …

Chip pumping stations

For the pump systems, ARP offers individually optimized pumping stations for chip disposal systems and grinding technology which are designed for the respective task. ARP pumping stations are extremely reliable and have stood the test of time in demanding everyday use.

Vacuum components

In above-floor chip disposal using vacuum extraction technology, dry or low-drip, coarsely broken-up chips are transported via a vacuum pipe system and fed to a central processing unit.


Our centrifuges are suitable for separating chips and cooling lubricants. The centrifuged and hence dry chips fetch a significantly higher price when sold to waste disposal companies. In addition to this, the cooling lubricant can be reused in the production machines.


Depending on the further processing requirements, ARP offers various possibilities for storage.

Systems - Examples

Single-shaft cutter-suction station-separator-centrifuge-lifting/tipping silo
The limit is the customer’s wish. Depending on what and how much material is to be shredded, whether the shredded material is to be directly recycled (remelting) or temporarily stored and sold, ARP configures the appropriate cutting units and systems.