Recycling systems

Standard machines

We can supply the optimum shredding machine for virtually any application by means of the ARP modular system, optional accessories and equipment. Our experts will advise you in detail about the wide variety of technical possibilities and prepare customized system solutions for you. We will be pleased to prepare an objective cost efficiency analysis for you!

Special waste

Special waste requires special processing. It is broken up in several stages, centrifuged, separated into fractions and then sorted into various containers. A safe and clean solution!

Oil filter processing

The complete oil filters are broken up in several stages. The oily material is supplied to a centrifuge for oil separation. The dry material is subsequently separated into the fractions metal and paper and sorted into various containers.


ARP has mobile and stationary systems available for the disposal of used tyres. Rubber and metal constituents are separated and broken up to a defined granulate size. This is provided by appropriate conveying equipment which transports them through a number of operations in an automated workflow.


What can be done with rejected goods? They are fed to a system of rollers via a conveyor belt for emptying, the contents and packaging are precisely separated and the recovered plastic is broken up, cleaned and dried.

Recycling organic waste from household waste for use in biogas plants

The plant is directly supplied with the organic waste by truck. The waste is subsequently broken up in several stages, metallic components effectively removed and the useful constituents stored for further processing in the biogas plant.

Recycling yoghurt pots

Rejected goods (filled, sealed yoghurt pots) are fed to a system of rollers via a conveyor belt for emptying. The yoghurt and packaging are then precisely separated. The separated plastic is broken up, cleaned and dried.

Special solutions

As you can see, ARP offers effective and simple solutions. Sensitive and hazardous special waste is subject to strict requirements for disposal management. We take care of special solutions, so that you can concentrate on your core business.