Chip processing systems - configuration examples

Line systems

Single-shaft cutter-suction station-separator-centrifuge-lifting/tipping silo
Example with chip centre, separators and 6-chamber chip silo
Line systems are used when several production machines process the same material. Cutting units on the machine shred the chips and suction stations transport them to the chip centre. There, coolant and chips are separated in centrifuges. The coolant can be reused, the chips are temporarily stored until they are transported away. The system here in the picture is supported by a manual feeding station with a lifting/tipping device. In larger companies, several lines are often created. In addition to the large variety of cutting units, a major strength of the ARP plants is the energy-efficient control: shredders and extraction stations run when there are enough chips on the processing machine.


Line systems with material separation

Extraction station-shredder-bunk cutter-chips-rotary flaps-separator-centrifuge
Example with chip centre, separators and 6-chamber chip silo
Different materials are processed in these lines. The ARP places the appropriate cutting unit and/or suction unit on each processing machine and ensures through a sophisticated sensor and control system that the same materials are also processed and collected in the same way. The entire concept is variably adjustable, so that production changes can also be configured independently by the user. Better chip yields can be achieved by keeping the chips sorted by type.

Remelter systems

Lift/tilt belt conveyor-centrifuge-heating screw-melting furnace
Chip processing system with feed to melting furnace
Especially in aluminium processing companies, accumulated chips, sprues and other “scrap” are not sold but directly crushed and recycled. The shredded chips are dried, brought to temperature and fed into the melting furnace in suitable quantities together with the new raw material. This can be handled in large lines – see above – but also in smaller manual plants as shown here. In all cases, precise monitoring of the chips with regard to size, temperature and quantity is important. This is the only way to achieve an optimal melting process. Aluminium processing companies pay very close attention to energy and resource efficiency, and ARP is an ideal partner here.


Compact processing systems

Lift/tilt hopper cutter-conveyor-filter
Compact system with lift and tilting and briquetting press
Space constraints, but often also investment reasons, prevent the construction of a line in some projects. In such cases, customers fall back on ARP’s compact processing systems. In the basic configuration, chip carts are fed to the shredder via a lifting/tipping unit and shredded there. A paper belt filter separates the remaining coolant and the free-flowing chips are fed via a chip conveyor for further use / storage. The compact systems are designed to save space and often manage with the space freed up by the containers.


mobile systems

Conveyor-cutter-screen-rack-chip carriage
Mobile chip shredder with conveying in chip trolley
In many factory halls, chips produced at the machine are collected in chip trolleys. Nevertheless, it would sometimes be nice if an immediate volume reduction could also be carried out at such plants as required. Then one would be in a position to react variably to the production programme and also to be able to run unmanned shifts without having to keep disposal personnel on hand etc. ARP’s mobile systems have been developed for such purposes and can be connected to the desired processing machine by the customer himself, if required.