Shredders - CS series

Product name:CS series
ARP system solutions for grinding:metal chips, paper and cardboard packaging, foils and rubber, plastics, metal/plastic containers,
carpeting and textiles, glass and fluorescent tubes, manufacturing waste and lead frames,
industrial waste and special waste, household waste, car tyres and bumpers, foam and filter fleece,
hospital waste, fast-food waste, palettes and fruit crates, wooden boxes, oil cans and filters and much more…
Technical data:
intended for cutting units:ZW 300, ZW 400, ZW 500, ZW 900 (other on request)
Filling:by hand, forklift, lift-tilt device, conveyor technology
Options:hydraulic or manual compactor, hopper, underframe, housing as per customer requirements
Throughput capacity (kg/h) *:
Steel:60…2000 kg/h
Aluminium:30…1500 kg/h
Other materials:On request
Cutter:Depending on the application, the machines can be equipped with various blade geometries
Driving power:1,5-15 kW
Shredder opening L x W:Please refer to the technical specifications for the cutting system

* The specifications are approx. values, considerable variations are possible depending on the chip type. Throughput of other materials on inquiry.
Subject to technical changes

CS series - Detailed view as PDF