Double Shaft Shredder- ZW 500 M

Product name:ZW 500 M
Technical data:
Throughput capacity (kg/h) *
Steel:400 kg/h
Aluminium:250 kg/h
Other materials:On request
Cutter:22 / 24 exchangeable cutting discs
Driving power:5,5 – 7,5 kW
Weight:ca. 850 kg
Dimensions L x W x H:1600 x 730 x 480 mm
Shredder opening L x W:440 x 580 mm
friction clutchincluded
If massive impurities are present in the shredding material, the friction clutch reinforces the protection of the cutter against damage.
solid part ejectionincluded
Solid parts that have been fed in are automatically replaced from the cutting unit. The cutting unit continues its work independently.

* The specifications are approx. values, considerable variations are possible depending on the chip type. Throughput of other materials on inquiry.
Subject to technical changes

ZW 500 M - Detailed view as PDF